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 Answered Prayers, Thank You Father!!

Over 60 recipients helped during transformation of an old farm into a shelter for young women with children. We are now into a broader ministry focus of: Providing accomodations for patients and their caregivers while seeking medical treatment in the Texas Medical Center, Houston.

Volunteers over the many years.
Completion of reonvated homes into apartments.
Completion of community garden.
Revitalized grounds and fences.
Creating a safe enviroment for youth, Scouts, school/homeschools and church volunteer groups


Prayer Needs

Please pray for Eagle's Lift Ministries as we transition into our next phase of ministry

We desire to hear God clearly as He directs our path. Praying for the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as we take each step with truth and integrity.

For all of those that are volunteering and working in the ministry, that God would bless and give them great favor, protection, health, and wisdom.

For the money that is needed to come in (at this time we will need about $50,000 ) to begin renovation on the barns to enable further ministry.

For volunteers to come every Saturday to help with the hands on needs for Eagles Lift. Pray that God would richly bless them and keep them from all harm.

Volunteers for fundraising events and creative ideas.

That God will provide all the money needed in advance and for donations to pour in and overflow our bank account and to bless the bank accounts of those who donate.

Pray that we have favor with people and they will have a heart to understand what we are doing and why.

Break the power of the enemy that would try to come against the plans God has for Eagle's Lift Ministries

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